The place where vision meets reality.

I bought my first good DSLR-Camera in 2015 for a trip to London and also just for fun. Me and my friends always had a flavor for fashion and art, so when I started with photography I more and more got into the art of photography. After a few months things started to get serious and I got my first jobs. I loved to shoot people and after a while me and my two best friends decided to build a studio.

In April 2016 we found the beautiful studio in the same village we live. It was totally raw stone and there was no electricity or water. We immediately fell in love with the place and took the decision to build up a studio from nothing. After 4 months of blood and sweat we finished the FKW-Studio.

FKW-Studio is not only a photography studio. It's a life we live. A place for people to get creative and do what they feel to do. A place to feel at home and lose the time. A place like no one else.